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About Me

Hi! Since this is the “About Me” page, let me introduce myself. I am Aura L. M. (that is my honest to G-d name – not some “madamfufu” professional name.) I come from a line of empaths – 3 generations. So being intuitive and clairvoyant is not fluky to me. My gift is being clairaudient – but that is not something I can control.Originally, reading tarot was not my profession . I have worked in the medical field for the past 10 years…so I am really very logical and analytical. However, because of my strong intuition, I was strongly encouraged by 2 mediums and other friends to develop my intuitive talents. Once I picked up the Tarot Cards, I was able to use the images as a way to focus my intuition. Since choosing Tarot as my instrument, I have been able to help guide and give insight to so many people – I myself was surprised. Well, many moons later, here I am offering this service to all of you regardless of your location. I don’t do “divination” readings out of choice. So if you want to know what your future husband looks like and how many kids you will have – this is not the site for you.My readings are more along the lines of Transformative Tarot Counseling. My goal is to help you find your weaknesses and strengths; and to help you see the obstacles in your path. I will give you my support and and encouragement along with suggested methods and or techniques. Write your questions/ query for which you want the reading. I always do my best to send back your reading within 72 hours – unless there is an apocalypse or something unforseeable. My promise to you is that I will do my very best for you and I will give you an honest and discreet reading. So welcome to my website and I look forward to receiving your messages.